meet our newest lemon & lime intern, ashley!

Hi Everyone! My name is Ashley and I am super excited to be lemon & lime’s newest intern. The first memory I have of a wedding was when I was four years old and had the great honor of being the flower girl for my aunt’s big day. I remember three specific things about that day; the red lipstick, my ring bearer counterpart forgetting our cue at the end of the aisle, and the reception where everyone was in the most exceptionally happy moods I’d ever seen them. Since then, I’ve been hooked!
















Fast forward 18 years and I’m 22-years-old and recently graduated from Towson University. Trying to figure out how the real world works is a stressful task, so I spend my free time reading, trying to live a healthier and more active life, and exploring every nook and cranny of the social media world. I’m also an enthusiast of many things including Harry Potter, green tea, my new puppy (!!!!), the Ravens, and the equality of all people. In the (somewhat) near future I hope to finish writing my first book and start living my life a little more like a mixture of Beyoncé, JK Rowling, and Harry Styles.











Since the first wedding I’ve attended, and have also been in a few, seeing the joy it brings to everyone involved never fails to amaze me! I tend to worry a lot about things out of my control (like war and rare medical ailments I don’t actually have, eek!), so working with lemon & lime to focus on things that bring such positivity to the world is exactly what I need!