5 Things to Know for Bridesmaids Fashion for 2015/2016

Morgan who is a part of our lemon & lime staff also works for Bella Bridesmaid Baltimore. She joined the owner of the baltimore boutique in NYC for bridal fashion week, and is giving us the inside scoop for bridesmaids trends!


For as timeless as the values and traditions of weddings are, the best part of planning modern day nuptials are the accents that can be customized to make your day as special and unique as you and your groom. You found your dream dress, you(most likely) told your groom what he will be wearing, and now its time to style your girls. Bridesmaids dress trends are constantly changing but are always expected to reflect the style of your wedding while complimenting you and your gown. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to accompany the ladies of the Bella Bridesmaids franchise to Bridal Fashion Week to get the scoop on the latest trends for bridesmaids attire. So prepare yourselves, cause these aren’t your mothers bridesmaids dresses!


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#1: Mixing and matching is more than just style swapping We’ve all seen the trend of bridal parties in the same color but each in a different style of dress. Well buckle up, because this trend is advancing fast and the designers this season just kicked it into high gear. Instead of keeping your bridal party in one color, more and more designers are introducing colors that are expected to compliment each other within a color palette. From shades of nudes and neutrals to pops of color that incorporate softer, subdued hues, colors this season are made to stand together without clashing. Thanks to this idea that not all colors have to be the same, the door is now open to a fabrication frenzy as well. So don’t be afraid to step out of that chiffon lined box and include some tulle or lace style options that you may not have considered before because of the lack of color options.


#2: The new neutrals If you love the soft vibe of nude or blush bridesmaids dresses but are worried its been overdone, then you’re in luck this season. Designers are introducing some new colors that bridge the gap between wanting to stay neutral but still loving a pop of color. The answer is in the shades. To keep it simple, but still fun, designers are showing colors in more toned down, dusky hues. From different variations of cloudy blues to shadowy shades of purple and any other dimensions of color your heart may desire. These subtle hints of color truly embody the appearance of romance; which, after all, is the essence of a wedding!

nyc fashion week scoop on bridesmaid dresses

#3: Tulle, taffeta and lace...Oh my! Forget everything you thought you knew about dress fabrications. This year designers are playing a whole new ball game and throwing the rule book out the window. While chiffon is still ever-present, designers have come up with new fabrics and combos to fulfill every fairytale wedding dream you’ve ever had. If you’re looking for a dress that has a little extra without being full on Beyonce bling, then check out a metallic tulle or mesh. Just enough sheen to have your girls shine without competing with their naturally dazzling selves. Or if you’re torn between which fabrication you like better, check out combos like tulle and lace- equal parts fun and fancy. With so many fabrics to play around with each girl is sure to find something to match her style and comfort level.

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#4: One dress, endless possibilities For the brides who love the idea of different necklines and styles for each of their maids but are worried its too much of a headache- this ones for you. Enter the idea of a convertible, one dress with infinite capabilities. More and more designers, such as Jenny Yoo and Monique Lhuillier, are following this trend and putting their own spin on it. Which allows you to shop around to find the right convertible dress in the perfect color and fabric for your bridal party. The idea is relatively simple, on its own the convertible dress looks like a straightforward strapless. But look closer, and on both the front and the back of the dress it will have 2 panels that are able to be brought up and tied together to create your desired strap style. Go from strapless to tying it at the neck for a halter. Or gather the front panels to bring across the chest to the back panels for a unique one shoulder. The options are endless and if you get stuck, youtube.com is your best way to research even more ways to wear it you may have never thought of.

#5: Ceremony formal to reception ready If your maids are even more unique to the point that different style options, or convertible dresses don't peak their interest- we have something for them too. Imagine going from a bustling taffeta gown to a sleek pencil skirt in one swift second. Shout out to Monique Lhuillier for making this dream a reality. With their new "separates" collection, Monique has introduced us to a new way to style your girls for more than just the ceremony. Within this 2-piece separates collection you have the ability to mix 4 different style tops with 4 different types of skirts. The tops feature a lower cut V-neck, a taffeta bustier, a tulle bustier, and a "fly away"- a flared out style that gives the illusion of a crop top but has complete coverage. Pair any of these tops with either a tea length detachable skirt, a straight and sleek pencil skirt, a high-low tulle option, or a long, taffeta fit and flare. With 8 possible combinations a bridal party can find their unique look and have the opportunity to change up their style through out the day and night. This is every fashionista-bridesmaids dream.

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So, there you have it, straight from New York. Style your girls with confidence now that you’re ahead of the game and on top of the latest bridal trends. Happy wedding season, ladies!

Cheers! Morgan

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bridesmaid love at our lemon & lime clients wedding. Photo by L. Hewitt Photography

lemon & lime wedding: bridesmaid love! photo by Brooke Tyson Photography

lemon & lime wedding: bridesmaid love! photo by Meaghan Elliott Photography.

lemon & lime wedding: bridesmaid love! photo by L. Hewitt Photography