by the numbers

  • 154 events and counting … and we could name every one!
  • founded in 2011
  • 3-6 lemon & lime team members per event
  • 17-19 wedding professionals per event
  • 15-395+ guest counts
  • Hours… we’ve lost count.


ASHLEY amtmann

I’m the lime of lemon & lime event design. I wish Katey and I had a better story for how our name came about but we didn't realize people would be so curious! I am!

My years of experience in advertising and the corporate event world really prepared me for the jump into the wedding industry. There's nothing like the feeling you get after sending a bride down the aisle to meet her groom! It's a cross between “oooooh what a beautiful couple!” and “Hurry up, there's only 20 minutes until cocktail hour!” Adrenaline. Rush. And I wouldn't have it any other way!!

When I'm not hustling on a wedding weekend (notice I didn't say “off season” because that's non-existent) you can find me hanging out with my husband/toddler/fur baby, cheering on Baltimore sports, planning vacations, or let's be honest...talking about weddings! And though I'm not actually from Maryland, I've been here for over 15 years and I'm pretty sure my obsession with the state flag and knowledge of state facts (I used to work on the tourism campaign) would impress any native. I'm also pretty amazing at picking crabs.


I’m a wedding planner, and this always comes out, whether I’m at the dentist or talking about the weather, because I’m proud of what we do!

I also love throwing in that my first job was on Capitol Hill and people look at me like— “so how did you get here?” Oops. I’m actually from Ohio (which always comes out as well, my love for that state is hilarious)! I used to live in DC but loved how laid-back Baltimore was. I’m obsessed with Pittsburgh Sports, and of course no one likes me around here because I love the Steelers. But my husband likes me and he’s a huge Ravens fans, so I have faith you can like me too. I started lemon & lime with Ashley 6 years ago; we figured if we were going to be working 70+ hour weeks, why not do it for ourselves? We missed connecting with & enjoying people—and we were sick of clients being an email address that we barely knew. So we dove right into one of the most personal days of a person's life— their wedding.

We also started this so we could create our own schedules as we started to grow our families. I love that Ashley can take her son to Dutch Wonderland on a Wednesday and I can do baby yoga (albeit not well) with my daughter on Monday mornings. We work long and late and I’m never on the couch without my computer, but lemon & lime is our first “baby” and it needs us.  

Some think we’re crazy; I actually LOVE when our clients who are doctors or in medical school say, “I could never do what you do.” Like they don’t save lives on a daily basis? But there is a reason wedding planners are in the top 5 of the most stressful jobs. You have to LOVE what you do to make it, and I truly do.

After working with them to plan our wedding we not only had the best day ever but also gained two friends in Baltimore! They far exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond at every opportunity to make sure our day was perfect.