Personalizing is #1

We’ll make the pretty happen!  Here's how:

1 We listen to you!

We kick off our meetings with lots of fun get-to-know-you stuff. We listen first to your story & separate histories. We include you in all vendor meetings & guide you every step of the way.

we always let you know what’s next!

2 We get creative!

We draw moodboards and color palettes based on who you are together. We draw inspiration from all kinds of artistic fields to create something totally custom.

we incorporate what you love.

3 We think details!

From floorplans to checklists, we’ll keep your day on track and your timeline on task. We’re organizing queens to help keep your day and sanity together.

we create a bible for your weekend!

4 We unite everyone!

We make sure every vendor has what they need. And, we thrive in the trickiness of balancing your needs and dreams with what your family is envisioning.

We make sure the event is truly yours!

5 We create a space! 

We specialize in completely transforming spaces. We take venues where only 4 walls or an open space existed before, and make it something totally new, just for you.

We can dream it and we can do it. 


Every detail planned

We create:

Master status documents
Detailed planning timelines
Comprehensive floor plans
Master plans for each vendor
A complete run of show

On your wedding day you really only want to care about one thing....the actual getting married part! I honestly cannot imagine my wedding without using Lemon & Lime as my planners.