the new mrs. box collection is here!

If you're looking for the perfect engagement, anniversary or birthday gift, we love the mrs. box and the new spring collection launched just last week. If you haven't read the Grey likes Wedding blog yet, it's a must! Mrs. Grey is also the founder of the mrs. box and how brilliant of an idea to bring some color and fun to the boring old ring box? Check out her words about the inspiration behind the company:

"It really honestly started with the love of color. And the belief that things shouldn’t remain as they’ve always been—just because. We’re not sure when ring boxes became so boring—they weren’t always that way, but somewhere down the line these tiny little harbingers of joy were tossed to the wayside and doomed to spend an eternity feeling overweight and dressed in shabby colors. So we decided to change that."

Wether you/your friend/sister is newly engaged, or even if she has been married for years, this is a great gift or keepsake. So many lovely colors, it's hard to choose just one! And you can monogram the vintage velvet with a gold letter or ampersand.

lemon & lime event design loves the new colors of the Mrs. Box collection!

lemon & lime event design loves the new colors of the Mrs. Box collection!

lemon & lime event design loves the new colors of the Mrs. Box collection!

lovely spring colors are here!

Long time no see; our blog is back!

Hello lemon & lime family & friends! We are so excited to be back up and running with our new website and blog. It’s been a long year redesigning and tweaking our site during one of the craziest years of our personal and professionals lives! 2014 was a BIG year for Katey and myself. It started off with the birth of my little boy, Ben, and hit another high note with Katey getting married in June. Adding in the weddings for our amazing clients, we decided to put blogging on the back burner for awhile to really concentrate on our couples and the huge milestones going on in our lives. But we are BACK and hope you love our updated look as much as we do!

Amtmann Mini_015


Photo by Meaghan Elliot Photography

2015 is off to a great start and we're thrilled to be welcoming many more couples into the lemon & lime family!

So take a minute to check out our site, find out who the lemon & lime couple is, go through some of our work and see where we've been published! Like we’s been a busy year!